Suicide of my son

I lost my son 17 days ago. I found him and I was unable to save him. The pain is unbearable and I cannot get the image of him from my mind.
Everyone tells me it will get better.
It will never ever get better till I die. Then I can be with him. He was my one true love.


I’m so sorry to read this. It’s beyond devastating isn’t it. I lost my husband 3 weeks ago also from suicide. I just can’t believe or understand why they needed to do it. I’m always here to talk about it if you need to share thoughts as some others may not understand this sort of loss. There is also another group I joined called uksobs. It’s a group for bereavement by suicide.

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Sorry to hear of the sad loss of your son, it’s a heartache no parent should have to go through.
Sending hugs of support.