What a terrible, terrible word.

My gorgeous wonderful funny beautiful wife of nearly 40 years took her own life last week. She suffered with a non terminal illness for over 6 months but it was her mental health, her state of mind which overwhelmed her in the end. It was all so rapid, 3 months ago she was only concerned about her physical problems but over the last couple of months it totally switched to anxiety, misery and depression. She was under her GP for her condition and her mental health, and on never ending waiting lists. I’m heartbroken, it is all so raw, I can’t even believe that this is for real. We have a daughter with a new baby, all to live for. And we were very much still in love. Crying as I type this.
What now?


So sorry for your loss truly feel every inch of your pain. I’ve recently lost my brother too no illness no reason I’m broken and lost.

But you have to carry on it is hard I know but you have to for your children the ones left behind need us.

You have your memories and special moments but probably they might hurt aswell at present? I can’t even look at his videos or pictures without breaking down.

You can do this you have no choice at least she’s not suffering anymore.

Hope this helps?

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Reading your post has made me feel so sad. How awful for you and your family to go through. My heart goes out to you . I to have mental health issues and they just isn’t anyone to reach out to doctors just give you pills and that’s it to get appointment for mental health nurse is a waiting list going on months. Your wife must have been in a dark place . Sending you a hug xx


You’re right, she must have been in absolute turmoil to see that as her only option. + all of the medication they prescribed meant she definitely wasn’t herself towards the end. The help was eventually offered after she was gone.
Too late x