summer solstice

Today is the summer solstice as my husband, he was a druid, would have been doing something peculiar! It is now over a year since Keef decided to leave but I still miss him and all of his little oddities, like today, when he would go out in the garden and sing and dance! I suppose I can see it in a happy way that I don’t have to do that, but I do miss his little peculiarities!!


Yes, I miss the very individual things, even the ones that were slightly irritating. Inside-out clothes in the laundry bin, every pocket with a tissue and a pound coin for the shopping trolley.
I hope you didn’t find today too painful. Days that were special to our partners are sore for us.


@Guineapig65 Yes, Happy Summer Solstice, it’s when my wife and I got married, we always had a night, all those little oddities, have a dance, celebrate the turning of the seasons xxx


It’s a lovely sunny day here today in Kent so having got through yesterday, which was a bit of a challenge, I am now looking forward again. Having new flooring put down today to make it easier for myself and the cats but, you’re right, it’s those little oddities which we remember and miss at times. We would often talk about renewing our wedding vows but it ended up being one of those things we never got around to. If we had we were going to have a sort of pagan ritual in a wood with close friends, instead when we went to Disneyworld he bought me a new ring and asked me to stay with him for the next 39 years! Obviously that never happened but we did manage to have nearly 44 years together so I should just try and remember the good things.

It’s lovely you got married on the Summer Solstice and I shall miss his little celebrations at the changing of the seasons.