Sundays have to be the hardest day of the week when you’re on your owe on matter what I do thay still are 2 years on. there family time when you’re family was your partner you have no children or close family it’s the worst day of the week I sit with a glass of wine in the garden I feal more alone than ever on this day of the week that not belonging anywhere not having that connectshon to anyone that being alone in the world the day when one won notices you. You don’t belong in this for its a day for family. Monday will come the Sunday blues will slip away until next weekend it doesn’t matter how hard I try and do things on Sundays you get reminded all the time people out warking ect there’s no were to go on a Sunday when you’re alone but in to your memories Sunday blues love to all xx


Hi Cj ,
Sundays are the worst day of the week . Mine has been spent alone ( again ) and it seems to have dragged on forever . Hope tomorrow is a bit better for both of us. Take care.
Love Angie x

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Yeah same here, Sundays just seem to drag and mine has been spent alone, again. Probably looking forward to tomorrow when i’m back at work and have some interaction with people (even if it is on a phased return).

Sundays could just be lazy days if need be when our partners were here, watching TV, cooking Sunday dinner etc and just being together. I just miss those days so much :disappointed_relieved:


Cj13 Sunday’s are definitely the worst and for me 17 weeks on he went on a Sunday and Easter Sunday so that holiday will no longer be a happy time along with every Sunday from now on ,

Hugs to all

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I think I will cope better when the season changes. As the nights draw in and the weather changes, there’s less opportunities to see couples and family out and about having the family time together.
I don’t sit out in the garden as we always did that together.
I’m dreading Christmas…… it was our favourite time of the year. :pensive:

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Same for me Dee64 , I can’t sit in the garden anymore either . Dreading Christmas too , they won’t be the same ever again . Take care.
Love Angie x

same here. I have a little balcony garden. We used to enjoying buying potted plants and arrange them to our taste. We would chat and relax on the chair every Sunday morning for hours. I missed that joy when we were just together. Since my wife’s departure I no longer stay there. I have a little woodcarving depicting 3 cats on a swing representing the 3 of us(me, my wife and my 14 yo daughter) we bought when we traveled. It is in our garden it pains me to the core on seeing it now. There is no joy left in my life. How can I go on?

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Dear luckystar

It’s all so sad all of the things we loved and cherished together just all gone and we are left here heart broken and trying to make sense if it . I don’t have any answers as to how you go on every day is a constant struggle but everyone is feeling the same on this website and it helps to post on here

Please take care hugs to you and your daughter


Sunday is the worse day for me ,my darling husband who passed away in March always loved Sundays, he would read the Sunday papers ,always enjoyed a full roast dinner, we would walk the dog ,now everything is empty, I can’t cook a roast, can’t buy a paper, I just long for those days I’ve lost

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Thank you. Good to know we are not alone. But it doesn’t reduce the pain . Woke up at 4pm this morning feeling so lonely, waiting for the dawn. It’s been a routine now. Take care.

You are so right Sunday’s are awful, someone advised me to try and leave all my housework and washing for a Sunday so that I kept my mind busy,
Some times it works but not always

Sundays can be miserable. As a teenager, for me it was boring- nothing to do, nowhere to go, symbolising the end of the weekend, rushing homework and dreading school the next day. You don’t expect to be feeling the same way later in life. It’s really unfair and I feel for you.

Of course there are no answers. But of course having read your post, there’s a desire to try to think of something that can help. I wonder whether the distraction of activity rather than trying to relax would help? Not forever, just while you are feeling like this. Is it possible to break the pattern so Sunday becomes the day you do something different? Much easier said than done, I know. Working for a charity or community project springs to mind.

You might feel so far away from tackling anything like this right now and I hope you don’t take offence at my suggestion. I have just found from personal experience that engaging with others on tasks rather than frustrating idle chat can be a useful distraction when you’re grieving. I say distraction because the pain’s still there. But I believe you will learn to live with it, come through the other side.

I hate Sunday too, my Mark died on a Sunday, and I always feel down and tearful. I put flowers by his photo and light a candle around 10 am. Don’t know how long to carry this on for, it just feels like touching base with him once a week, daft I know.

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What a lovely ritual.

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How lovely to have a time to remember ,I have this monthly ritual , at 22 mins past two ,on the 22nd of each month ,I remember with a prayer ,light a candle and talk to my darling David , it’s been five months now and the time and date he passed away is still so raw . I miss him so much .