Does anyone else find Sundays difficult to get through? I lost my husband 15 months ago and although I’m trying to make a new life for myself I still find Sundays very hard to cope with. I have no family nearby and my friends are busy with their own families. I go for walks and try to keep myself occupied, but by about 4pm I feel really alone. If anyone has any good advice about this I would love to hear it.


I do … thats exactly how i felt today … so bloody alone :frowning: awful innit … just makes you miss your hubby even more … xxx

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My mum and I feel the same after losing my Dad last November. Everything is so quiet, strange and sad without him. We’re just going through the motions of life, but weekends get us every time. It use to be family time, now it feels all wrong. Sundays once my nephew goes home are quiet, and we always end up talking about him and crying. I usually sit on a Sunday night in bed and go over in my head his last few weeks and how he suffered, I cry, and it’s agonising. Every Sunday it’s the same, and I don’t know why. I thought the lighter, warmer nights would take the edge off, but it’s making it worse as the world goes on around us, enjoying the sun. Strange and traumatising times :pensive::broken_heart:

So much love to you xx


Im glad you can talk to your mum about him ! Because wont talk to me about him ! Its very bizarre ! But apparently.its me who is at fault. Take care xx


Im sorry to hear that @Deb5 :frowning: we’re always here if you need an ear xxx

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Thanks thats kind of you. I think ive given up on the human race , its awful :frowning: whst is wrong with people ? I think they have hardened their hearts :frowning: xx

I promise we are not all like that. A lot of those good eggs you’ll find right here in the forum. Lots of love to you xxx

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Oh yeh i know not on here but in a lot of the world at large … soz very disillusioned with some people today :frowning: xx