Support no longer angry and sad

I lost my daughter who hung herself 2.5 years ago. I received loads of support then but nothing now. I dont expect it but everybody has forgotten. I have feelings of intense sadness and anger still. I dont know what to do with them. Thanks for any help x

It’s one of my greatest fear as well that my baby will be forgotten whilst the world carries on like nothing happened :broken_heart: you are not alone in this my friend, I feel your pain and sadness but yes the world will not stop just because we have, heart wrenching as it sounds. My grief is only 5 weeks old since we lost our toddler and already the support has begun to lessen, other than a few friends and family who still keep in touch. But we will never forget. On her anniversary, we are going to hold a Remembrance Day for her and invite our loved ones. We have also raised donation for the hospital where she spent her last few days. We are also going to visit the ward with gift tokens for parents who have gone through the same heartache. Other than that, we can only cherish and remember her in our hearts and in our thoughts. We can’t ask the world to grieve with us my friend, the world soon forgets until the next tragedy. Take strength and be kind to yourself, we have lost our child and regardless of the support, only we can sob in our corner and not be ok. I’m thinking of you. As for the anger, it’s grief and it’s ok but also think of the happy times as only then you’ll have a reason to carry on. X

I am so sorry for your loss. Your message brings tears to my eyes and I am thinking of you and your loss. It takes time to learn how to silently grieve. Thank you

When I was reading up on stages of grief, I had to stop, our grief is our own, there are no stages and no sequence to it. Yes, someone or other has made a good enough job of explaining it to us but I feel how I feel, different every hour. I don’t want to fit in any box. I understand how hard it is, I understand the numbness, the anger, the pain, the helplessness, the yearning above all. Just hear me when I say this, grieve how you feel like grieving my friend. It takes as long as it takes. We are here to listen to you even if the world isn’t. X

I have a son too and he is very poorly with depression. He has attempted suicide. I am absolutely terrified of losing him too. I think I am losing my mind …seriously

Oh my friend, is your son feeling like this because of his sister? I can’t imagine the anguish you are going through :broken_heart: and the fear for the future. Please accept any professional support for the both of you, unless you’ve done so already. I’m thinking of you both x

Thank you. I am not sure where the depression comes from. I dont suppose my worries are suitable for this forum. Just feel so weighed down and alone sometimes. There is no help I haven’t tried. You are so kind

No, please never think that, this forum doesn’t dictate nor judge. Believe me, if it helps you open up and alleviate an ounce of your sorrow, then we have been of some use. It’s good to “off load”. We are all here because we want to support each other when no one else can understand. You are a good soul who is going through so much, after all how much more can one take? Little steps, give yourself the chance to see what works best for you. These past few nights, my husband has stayed downstairs, not wanting to come to bed and “think” like he puts it. Whereas I need to feel close to him to feel “safe” but how can I push him to do that when he doesn’t want to. I find being on the forum helps process my thoughts. I pray your son finds himself soon and I pray you have a peaceful and restful night sleep, even if it’s just for tonight. X

I’m so sorry all for your loss, I to list my son 6 month again with carbon dioxide poisoning, I am heartbroken , he was 34 no words can describe the pain I’m and everyone else is going though, the worse thing in the world that could happen to anyone and myself have hugs to you all xx