Hi everyone,

I recently messaged this forum about my Mum’s sudden passing on the 2nd of November this year. I have felt overwhelming amounts of jealousy around my friends that still have their Mums with them. I know I shouldn’t be I can’t help how I feel. I am 18 years old and have never dealt with any sort of bereavement before until my beautiful Mum’s passing so it has come as the most heartbreaking and devastating shock to me and my family.
I was wondering are there any other members on this forum who are similar ages to me and would like to talk? I just feel so alone and feel that not many people understand how I actually feel, it’s so difficult putting a brave face on every day for your family.
Thanks in advance everyone!:slight_smile: x

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Hi JessieMay,

I saw that you hadn’t had any replies to this post, and I just wanted to respond and say I’m so sorry to hear that you have lost your mum at such a young age. This site is open to anyone bereaved aged 18 and upwards, but we do find that we don’t seem to have a lot of users close to your age, so I just wanted to let you know about some support that is aimed specifically at young people. Of course, I hope you will keep posting here as well if you find it helpful at all, but it can be helpful to have various places to try.

  • Grief Encounter is a site that supports young people with bereavement.
  • The Mix is a site for under-25s to get support with whatever issues are affecting them - including discussion boards, group chat and one-to-one chat with their support team.
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Thinking of you and happy to chat x

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Hi JessieMay.
I’m 23 a lost my mum at the beginning of November too.
I get jealous all the time as well! Especially with friends who don’t like their parents and are desperate to leave home.
I find adverts hard too. I don’t have a father so the happy family adverts around Christmas drove me nuts. I guess we will get used to it!
I’m happy to chat but defo try to find a service close to you for young people. I was caring for my mum so became involved with my local young carers charity and all of a sudden I met people with similar experiences to me. Often they support people through bereavement as well.
Thinking of you


Hi Kerry

I lost my mum in March I miss her everyday x

Hi Kerry,

I feel from what you have said we are both in quite similar positions. I also don’t have a Dad and feel exactly the same especially around Christmas. It has been extremely difficult no longer having any parents to turn to when you feel down. I was also a young carer for my Mum due to her having mental health difficulties and being acrophobic.
I would love to chat more with you!
Kind regards
Jess x

I’ve tried to send you a private message on here but I can’t get it to work on my phone. Will try again at home