My husband of 8 days died three weeks ago. It was so quick at the end even he didn’t realise how limited our time together was, we had been together 18 years. I thought I was coping, he was initially diagnosed with pancreatic cancer three years ago. I have friends and family around me and I put on a brave face but when I am home alone (with my dogs) I keep going over all the things he said we were going tomdo when he came home from hospital. I am not good at discussing my feelings face to face with friends but my heart is broken and I am falling apart and don’t know what to do

I’m really sorry for the loss of your husband, my husband died of pancreatic cancer as well and even though I knew his time was limited, it still came as a shock when he died, I also have 2 dogs, I don’t know how I would have got through the first few months without them, they gave me a reason to get up in the mornings, all I can say is that it does get easier with time, try and remember the good times you had together, I hope you have family and friends supporting you, if they ask you to go out, please try and go, it’s difficult at first but will get easier and it will help you in the long run, but remember it’s early days, some days will be better than others, just accept it and be kind to yourself, sending love Jude xx

Thank you. My dogs are what is keeping me going, they are so affectionate and make me get up, feed them, take them for walks and play with them. Pancreatic is just the worst thing ever, I had three extra years with him and I am so thankful for that but sometimes it just hits me :cry::cry:. I know it’s early days but I just hate feeling like this. I do have plenty of people around but it’s when I am on my own :disappointed:

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Remaster Jude28 I’m so sorry for the loss of your husbands from cancer. I too lost my darling husband on 4 June, from pancreatic metastatic liver cancer, I too was fortunate to have 3 years with him, but he tried so hard to stay with us. But the last cycles of chemo really exhausted him and it was terrible to see him fade before my eyes, we were married for 38 years, I am left feeling empty and have like everyone on here, feel devastated. I thought I had prepared myself for the pain, but nothing can. I go to sleep at 3 or 4am, then sleep all morning. I have no desire to do anything. My Son, daughter and grandaughter are also grieving but I try not to show how much I’m crying. I miss and love him so much. I wish you well x

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Thank you Margarita. It is so damn hard , I have days whe; I am fine and then suddenly t hits me and I am devastated. Sending hugs to you and your family, it is made so much worse by covid 19 and not being able to be close at the end xxx