I lost both my parents in November due to Covid. I’ve been getting on with everyday life, working, housework and looking after my children and supporting them through their loss. My little girl had an assessment last week through video link for Grief. When the counselor was taking to her I found that I got so upset taking about my parents or hearing the hurt my daughter is going through. The Councillor suggested I go to some counselling myself, I’ve never been to counselling and find it quite daunting. Other members of of my family have and said its a place to tall and things and the Councillor listens, I’m a very private person and think I would struggle to do all the talking. Does anyone have any advice or have felt the same way? Thank you

@Pat3 hi I am very sorry for your losses I lost my partner in April I’m having grief counselling over the phone I have had a few sessions now I’m not good at talking about how I’m feeling but I think counselling is worth a try I think it will help me a little in time and its nice to be able to talk about pauline and how I’m feeling my councillor is very understanding and very good I think its worth you trying counselling you are going such traumatic losses and having to be strong for your children I hope you have support around you stay safe take care sending hugs x

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