Hello, I’m 27 and lost my mom on 20th November this year only 11 days ago. My mom had a lot of health problems but wasn’t anything life threatening on Saturday 18th she got rushed to hospital they put her on a ventilator and said she had pneumonia in both lungs I didn’t think it was anything serious I fort it’s my mom she’s a fighter she be okay the Sunday night my sister told me her pneumonia turned to sepsis and her organs were failing and said her kidneys had gone. Again I kept thinking oh it’s okay kidney damage can be reversed she be okay she always is. Sunday night I went to my dads house and he broke down and said she isn’t coming back even then I cried but still fort she be home soon. Monday morning my dad ran out the house to go to the hospital by 11:30 we were told her life support had been turned off and she had passed…. I’m struggling with this massive loss. I have two kids that I’ve been so strong for I fort I was coping so well but Wednesday I had my first ever panic attack my chest was in pain I was so cold and shivering and I honestly fort I was dying of a heart attack. I really need someone to help me though this. If anyone can help me with how to deal with grief I would appreciate it. I’m so lost and feel so alone.


I’m so sorry for the loss of your mum, @Kimberley182. It sounds like it was such a shock to you.

You’re not alone - sadly, many of our members have lost a parent. I’m giving your thread a bump just to bring it back up to the top as it’s been quite busy today. Hopefully someone will be by to offer their support.

Your loss is very recent and it’s completely understandable you’re feeling so lost. You might find these Sue Ryder resources helpful in navigating your grief.

Take good care,

I am so very sorry for your loss! I know what it’s like to lose your mum so young. Unfortunately I lost mine in March this year and I have only just turned 33!

Sadly there’s nothing anyone can say to take your pain away but it does help to reach out on this site and knowing that others can relate does help a little!

It’s still very fresh for you and you will be under a lot of shock so please try and not expect too much of yourself and do what you can to look after yourself!

Hi @Kimberley182 I’m so sorry for you, I know exactly how you feel. Lost and alone is how I feel without my mum. My mum was also struggling in hospital but I never actually thought she wasnt going to make it. I couldn’t believe it, she’d always been so strong, she had to pull through. I think I’m still in shock she didn’t, and it’s been 3 months since she passed. I still expect her to just come back, it’s unreal, the pain I feel without her is crushing. I’m also only 32 so really didn’t expect to lose her this young. I feel like a lost kid now, just yearning for their mum. Most of my friends still have their parents, and some still have grandparents too. It’s so unfair. Like @Jess1 said, knowing others can relate does help a little. It’s so hard though and may take a long time to process. You have to take care of yourself. I know I need to follow my own advice and not put pressure on myself and rush the process. Keep talking on here if it helps x