supporting a bereaved sister

It’s my sister and family who are bereaved. I want to understand and support her as best I can. Her son was 31 and died in a RTA a month ago. Any advice please?

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Hi Patsy …I’m sorry for the loss of your nephew …under such tragic circumstances .you ask how can you support your sister and family …speaking from my own experience …my own sister has been a rock after I lost my husband …she was always on the other end of the phone when I felt overwhelmed with grief …she always took the time to listen …to not be afraid to use his name to acknowledge the memories we had all shared together …she never judges …shes my best friend …only last week she came to the door with flowers galore …she knew the day was a significant day …our day we had renewed our vows …but knowing somone cared someone remembered was a huge comfort …so my advice to you is …be there listen …shed tears together …for the nephew and son that you have both lost …sending warmest of wishes your way x


Dear Patsy
I’m so sorry for your loss. Like Bab has said my sister has been incredibly supportive since I lost my 22 year old son in June. She lives 4 hours away & messages me every day & video calls me every few days. She talks about coping mechanisms for me, she tries to support my other son by sending him messages. She has come to stay with us at every opportunity & has cooked for us, sat with us, talked with us about our son, her nephew. She’s grieving so badly for her nephew who she was so close to & loves very much.
I hope you are able to help your sister and look after yourself too. Sending love and strength xx

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Dear Bab
I’m so sorry for your loss xx

Thank you …and I send condolences to you for your loss of your son… …aged just 22 he had his whole life ahead of him …June is such a short time having gone …but it probally feels a lifetime for you all …no words can ease your pain but
I’m glad you have a supportive sister too…Rach …take care x

Thank you so much Bab for your kind supportive words. I just can’t believe it, just so broken without my precious boy. Sending love and strength to you xx

Dear patsy and everyone, just be there for her and her family there is nothing anyone can do to take the pain away but just the thought that somebody cares and is still thinking about you helps, just to know that although you can’t do anything you acknowledge and accept their grief , i sadly lost my son in June and my daughter 10 years ago I’m in disbelief but already feel abandoned by some members of my family, they continue with their lives but don’t acknowledge mine, don’t message my only remaining daughter, … just talk , acknowledge, be there we parents ( are going through the very worst time anyone can imagine ) take care xx

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