Suppressed feelings after bereavement

My brother passed away just over two years ago now, obviously at first i was beside myself with emotion but i don’t know what happened. I just switched off. I feel i have no emotion anymore. I don’t care about anything.

Hi i am so sorry for your loss you say that you have no emotions grief has many ways of affecting us when i lost my wife suddenly 8 months ago i couldn’t even accept it my mind kept telling she’d just gone to the shops my mind was full of confusion.
Do you not feel that when you lost your Brother the trauma just took over your emotions this makes us vulnerable to all kind of feelings :broken_heart:
Maybe it not that you dont care anymore you must have wanted to share your experiences on this forum so deep down you must still miss him grief has many ways of affecting us as we are all different.
Hope this can perhaps help a little. There are many kind people who are here if you just want a chat.
Sent hugs mike b


I ve experienced similar thing If I was you I d do a bit of research into the grieving process It could help you understand what you are going through and help you link up your feelings with your loss
Blessings be at peace