Surreal new life

I lost my wife to pancreatic cancer on April 4th. She only found out she had it in October.
To say that life has taken a surreal turn would be an understatement. Not sure why I am posting this into the void, but I’m sure others on here have gone through this too.
She was cremated last Wednesday.
I feel very alone.


Im so sorry for your loss. I lost my husband in February to a cardiac arrest. It was a big shock and I know what you mean about it feeling surreal. I think there is a numbness and a feeling it can’t be real which cushions you from some of the pain. This is a good place to talk about things though. There are always people who will listen and understand because they are going through it too.


@Blake it feels like a void at first but you will find that everyone on here completely understands where you are coming from because we’ve all been where you are now. Sometimes just reading what others say can be helpful, and most people on here agree even though we are all strangers we have a very real, very sad connection. My husband passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly on Xmas Eve last year and I still think he’s going to walk through the door, I talk to him out loud most of the day I tell him news tell him what the weather is doing, tell him I think I’m going mad, ask him when he’s going to come home. Definitely surreal.


A couple of friends have asked me if I’m having counselling, but coming here is what I find helps most. After 12 weeks I still cry every day but I need to. This site has been a Godsend.


Sorry for for your sad loss, i lost my husband January this year to pancreatic cancer,and lung cancer so i understand how you are feeling right now You are early in your grieving journey same as me.I try and take one day at a time.Think of all the happy memories you shared together.

I think one of the main things I have found helpful has been talking to people who have been and are going through this devastating change.

I went out late afternoon to try and feel a bit better. It didn’t help.
I just stood still for a while thinking how surreal my life is.
I just couldn’t believe this is my life. I’m still finding it difficult.

I have gone online and left a message to some family and friends telling them I can’t cope. I feel like I’ve gone right back to when he died.

Sending hugs x

Thank you.

It helps knowing you understand.

These changes in emotions are tiring and worrying.

Last Saturday, I was completely different.

Take care x

Hi I suppose it will be like this up and down for some time to come. I have said before I hooe things do get better for all of us. We will never stop missing our partner even if some go onto meet someone else. The will always be part of our journey through life. Love and hugs to all.x

I need to check the text before I send. :crazy_face:

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