System dosent care💔

Government system don’t give a dam
Your just a number sorry a N.I number to them😢
I’m in middle trying to appeal a decision can’t really go into detail
Anyway I ask them while back if there is timeframe they said no ask again said. I timeframe
Taken 2 months to get medical records
Then I got email 2 days ago to tell me I have until thur yes 2 days to get all my medical evidence etc
They make me soooo😡sick🤢
I phone them she didn’t bother to even reply or call me
I email everything I had
She call today said she wasn’t going to bother calling me as I should have been aware she got my email with attachment document
I told her nobody told me about timeframe she said there misunderstanding somewhere😡
They have timeframe/deadline so unfair nobody told me now they won’t give me any more time
And dismiss idea waiting for Psychiatrict etc records to come through
I told her to wait until I get response from Psychiatrict etc
She said no just leave it
They make decision based on gp notes
I ask if she read them she said no
She busy passed them on to someone else
Told her if she read them she know my dad
wasn’t well
They f…,…don’t give a dam
Your just a number not a persons life😪

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Write to your MP that tends to get Government departments listening and taking note.

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Hi Sheila

Yes I will write to mp
But think too late once pension credit people make up there mind that’s it
Not right makes me so angry
First they ask for evidence but now they won’t wait until I get all the information
It’s not my fault that the records take up to 2 months there was a lot of info to go through
Just thought better if they had all of my dads records
But she won’t listen
Only gave them the go notes she got them today then said decision will be made next week
They should have told me there was a time limit🥵

Sandra x

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Sandra I’m really sorry to hear they are treating you like this. Dealing with some of these people myself has knocked the wind out of me on several times. I cannot believe how heartless our society can be. You are right we are just a number to many things but your dad and other family members are not just a number to you and you’re not to us.

One day those people treating you like this will face the system they help uphold themselves and then maybe they’ll think differently. Until then though we are stuck with it and our at times heartless culture.

The deadline will expire I guess because there is no way you can do what they ask properly when the system is against you. So it sounds like you’re going to have to let the deadline pass as there is no other choice (if I understand what you are telling correctly, it’s 2am and I’m writing after a nightmare so I’m a big groggy and I’m no expert on these things).

So if that’s the case then you could write them a short email advising them that as previously stated their colleagues in government departments elsewhere have not responded to you in a timely manner, meaning you will not be able yo hit their arbitrary deadline and that you are seeking help and plan to appeal whatever decisions they make based on this.

Then leave them to do whatever the f they want for now, you don’t need to get into it with them but when you’ve strength sometime gather any of your evidence in one place, emails etc and like Sheila says you could email your MP (who likely will also take weeks to respond at least if mine is anything to go by) but they are supposed to help you. You could also contact citizens advice bureau if you’ve not already.

It’s so hard dealing with this kind of stuff whilst also grieving. Take care and good luck x

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Thankyou so much
I’m sorry your having nightmares
I know the feeling if it’s not that it’s bad dreams or not sleeping so exhausted
Need get up soon but so tired
Just been feeling so angry frustrated emotional
Cry a lot now we’ll yo myself
Hard enough when your grieving lost my dad & mum in law & my job
Dealing with these people at pension centre is a nightmare
She wasn’t even going to have the decency to even call me back
Just wanted her to read the actual gp notes then she would understand
She couldn’t even do that
Passed on to someone else like it’s nothing
Remind me what N.I is
That’s all you are to these people
They make me sick
If it was my fault and I knew there was dead line fair enough
But the few people I spoke to I told her
But they don’t care
Now they’re not even prepare to wait for rest of my dads records
They will give me decision next week🥲😡

As FleurDeLis has highlighted you can appeal. They have to allow you to appeal. Keep pushing for the records you need so that you have them to hand for an appeal. I am sure there is also a Government Ombudsman so keep that as a possible route. Hopefully they will come back to you and you will not need to got through these routes.

Hi Sheila.
I did email my local m.p. Today but they said they’re off long bank holiday Tom & mon
But that’s not good to me
Besides m.p can take even few wks to get back to you
I called C.I.B. Omg in tears 🥲 telling them about pension credit woman & all the carry on
They also advised contact Osmeben services he gave me number to call or put in formal complaint
He also advised I get in touch with my dads local m.p in his area in N.I
I called the pension centre back ask her to call me
Was dreading it
She call me back went in & on about deadline then on about tell me base report on g.p notes
I told her no please wait for all evidence she said no need gp notes should be enough
I advise again no as not my fault there timeframe as nobody told me & still prefer if they wait until all my dads records come through
So stressful & emotional :broken_heart:🥲

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you’ve been so brave contacting all those people. It will move very slowly and there is no way I know of to make it faster so try to think about something else a few hours coz it makes no difference anyway I’m sorry to say and you need to try to keep some strength for yourself and surviving.

In the end I hope you’ll get the right outcome but these government institutions are so cumbersome and woolly brained to deal with so don’t beat yourself up about it. none of this is your fault and you’re doing everything you can. take care and try to do one nice thing today and eat/rest xxx

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