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Just reflecting as I look on another day of rain. Last year from May we had glorious weather, my garden by mid June was glorious and I know that this played a big part in the healing after my husband passed away suddenly at the age of 66 the previous month. Beautiful friends joined me to sit in the garden, had a reason to get out of bed, have breakfast in the sun. I know those months would have so so much more painful and difficult if the weather had been like it has been this year. But I have become stronger, my home gives me that same comfort, true friends remain there for me and my family, very precious.


Hi. SanW. Now that’s so nice. A lovely positive note. It’s so hard amidst all this travail to be in the least bit upbeat, but when it happens it is uplifting. True friends and family. Oh yes. It’s at times like this we know who our true friends are.
I too used to sit in the garden with my wife, but at the moment I just can’t do it. It will pass I know, but why upset one’s self.
Thank you again for your post. Best wishes.

Thanks Jonathan, I too found shared enjoyment very difficult to face on my own. But knew I had to find ways to try as that allows precious memories to become a comfort, albeit painful and upsetting as we let them come through. We loved music, I couldn’t listen to it for a while, but slowly I did and now sing in a choir. I have made new friends, some who have also lost their partners. I’m still travelling on my journey, some things still to face, but you are so right, we know when the time is right.

Wonderful, you are such an inspiration. We loved nature, flowers, the countryside and I still go out there on our walks and try to enjoy it for the two of us. His photography and painting gave him much pleasure and I’m thinking of taking up a camera and do what he did and I have found some half done canvasses and hope to complete painting them for him in time.
I can’t sit in the garden at the moment. The patio was the last place we sat outside together. We used to sit under the tree at the allotment and have our lunch. I do sit there but it’s just not the same, but give me time and I will crack it. I too have been invited to sing in a choir but it’s in the evening and I don’t go out at night preferring to lock up and stay with my dogs. I will find ways, I have already done things I thought impossible.
Had a bad day today my body feels full of aches and pains and I am never ill, so I was feeling so fed up and sorry for myself then I felt the mood lift for a while and knew Brian was encouraging me.
Love Pat xxx

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You give inspiration yourself Pat, you engage in a very honest way and your determination shines through. We are not alone, our loved one walks right beside us.
Love to you too.

On a lighter note, if I was invited to sing in a choir I would get booted out. My singing voice is discordant to say the least. I agree cw, Pat is inspirational, bless her.

Me too Jonathan. You have just bought a smile to my face - which was not on the cards only a few moments ago. People listen to me speak and say you must sing - how wrong they are !! It is dire and unfortunately my daughter takes after me! My husband was the musical one - as it my son.

As far as singing goes, on a good day, I try to sing and nothing comes out. On a bad day, something does.
Given up, in the interests of world peace…
J xx