Taking a break

Hi everyone, I’m just letting you all know I’m taking a break from this site. I’m letting you know because (I don’t know how you feel) but, I don’t like it when people just disappear after being pretty regular contributors. I often find myself wondering and hoping that they’re doing ok and not sick or similar. The site, and all of you have helped me immensely throughout the past weeks and for that I am very grateful but, I’ve now got to the stage, after realising that there are so many people hurting and struggling so much that I don’t believe the site to be as beneficial to me as it was. I am feeling more sadness by reading some of the posts when realising the anguish so many are suffering on a daily basis. I don’t know whether I am just over sensitive at this time or whether I now need a different method of support. I just know that my general sadness is worse lately for reading your heartbreaking stories and relating to the pain of all of you.

I hope some of this explanation makes at least some sense and I hope and pray that all of us find the strength to continue this very painful journey, in the best way we can, until we’re reunited in a better place with our loved ones when our time comes. I’m sending love, hugs and gratitude to all of you. Collette x

Hi Collette, so sorry your leaving us I always enjoy your posts you have been most helpful. I too have thought of pulling out for a while and going it alone, but to be honest when I feel particularly low I find it takes my mind off my own troubles and it does help that were all on the same journey, so were not alone. I do however pick up on the messages that I feel I can either help or just simply have a chat.
Best of luck to you
Pat xxx

Hi Collette.

I want to wish you all the best and to say thank you. You were one of the first people to respond to me when I joined this site and created the sad lonely and frightened thread. It was my first posting and your reply was very kind and thoughtful. I understand your reasons for having a break and I will miss reading your posts. Xxxx