Taking legal advice

Hello, I am sure you have already heard of me.The negative side of my husband ‘s medical care and death 2015 .You probably heard it all before, but I do believe and think my husband was neglected.My rights and not only duty is to take legal advice/ and actions against the Trust.But there are some people out there who only believe what they say.One of my Neighbours said ‘ straight after my husband passed away ‘ he wants me sectioned under the mental health act, and wears a wig, but hadn’t cancer unlike my husband John.He does fancy himself and talks about the way my homeland Germany allows him to study my brain, he is the king of Bedfordshire and his queen, oh no nobody is allowed to smack her make up face.If his little darling ‘ is getting emotional and physical hurt, humiliated, I get arrested.I tell you, my husband did hear him , too.He is fat and got no hair.He wears sandals middle winter time.His darling, is looking like Cinderella, the nose of hers is so sweet looking, that small little children asking her out to buy a lollipop with chocolate icing.The queen who is an Aussie, so she says, is always pampered very well.She reminds me on Osama bin laden, Brown as Nutella, chocolate spread, and her lovely smile just like her twin Osama bin laden, the outfit just like Christian Dior. The local Doctors and Coppers are with him and her mates.He can really read my mind ‘ so he says ‘ she keeps an eye on my daughter, and waiting to get my daughter in her car.To socialism so she thinks it’s allowed.The French perfume she wears is the newest in chique. It’s just not a lie what I tell you