Talking out loud

I lost my dad 9 weeks ago suddenly and his site has helped me a lot so I’m just talking out loud again today is my partners birthday and he’s lost his mum - she had cancer, it’s still obviously raw for us about my dad and now this I hope I can support him, hope we get through this since my dad died we have survived plus his mum was getting worse and worse I just hope we can pull together and come through this.

Hi wease. I lost my dad the end of march. I’m struggling coping with life without him. He had Alzheimer’s at a young age. Just miss him so much. I can relate to what you must be going through. Try and just get through one day at a time. Take care wease x

Sorry for your loss joey I take one day at a time it’s all we can do take care to and be kind to yourself thank you for your reply

I lost my mum on 20th of April I lived with my mum all of my life I miss my mum such a lot I feel I cant go on im at a standstill ive been crying for 3 days constantly my mum said to me I have to live my life now I cant do that yet I know ive got to it hurts me so much that my mum isn’t here ive been to my doctors to see if he can help me he says he cant yet as im going through the grieving process I wish my mm would come and talk to me I just want reassurance from her some people say it could take a couple of years I don’t want to be crying for this time anyone else like this

Hi Lesley 61. Sorry for your loss. I lost my dad at the end of march he had Alzheimers at a young age. I can totally relate to how you are feeling. The intense pain of grief is awful. I’m struggling haven’t been back to work since his passing. Just feel so alone and isolated. I went to the doctors to and they have offered me some councilling. Maybe that could be something that could help you. There is also a place called cruse which helps with bereavement. They offer free support. Take care Lesley. And look after yourself xx

Really bad day today. Sorry for your loss Lesley , I have had cruise counselling 6 sessions initially which were meant to end next week but given the passing of my mother in law she has extended it. I have found it helpful and was processing it until now and now I’m back to square one its a horrible horrible feeling much love everyone who unfortunately is in the same circumstances

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