Tears and Pain

I have bever known pain like this I’m writing this with tears all down my face and an empty pain all I want is my husband gary together for 30 years funeral 2 days ago I don’t know what to do I feel broken in bits :broken_heart:


Hi, I’m so sorry you have to go through this, the funeral will be hard, to be honest I don’t remember too much of my husbands, I held my kids hands and watched it through constant tears, just carried along I think. It is a step we have to go through and it’s painful and heartbreaking, you feel how you need to, don’t worry about anything or anyone else xx :heart:

Thankyou lily I gave so many friends and support but it’s not any use no one apart from all you lovely people here understand fully your one true love soulmate my life my world has gone if I had a billion pounds it would not change and I would give it away fir 1 minute with my love


I know I would give nearly anything just to see my Steven again, just a few more words, just to hug him a bit tighter, a bit longer, we were together for 31 years and here i am, half the person I once was :broken_heart: but we are here for you, stronger together x

Lovely words we are all on this nightmare have been crying all day no words just want to go to bed and go to sleep but unfortunately I have to wake up xx


Lying in bed alone looking at pictures of my
beutifull wonderfull husband gary with tears rolling down my face the pain feels to much today I don’t know hiw I am going to get through today :sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::sleepy::broken_heart::broken_heart:

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So sorry Trevor, I lost my partner of 45 years just over 4 weeks ago.
I’d give anything for one more hug from him. You’re not alone on here, keep posting,keep talking . Everyone’s grief is personal to them but we all suffer.
I get fed up already with people saying ‘remember the good times’.
I know they’re trying to be helpful but it’s too soon, watching your partner/loved one die is traumatic and I’m sure we’re all suffering from a kind of post traumatic syndrome.
Sending love and support xx


Thankyou jayjay gary passed on 5th October 4 weeks on Tuesday together for 30 years and married I know people are trying to be helpful like you said but whatever anyone says doesn’t seem right at the moment I know I will never recover from this and I don’t want to really as that will be moving on sounds crazy thank goodness fir the lovely people here that understand the unbearable pain we are going through xx thankyou again x

Hi Trevor I list my husband/ partner in July after 39 years together I’m absolutely heartbroken I lived him to bits and don’t know how I can move forward everything I do in the day reminds me of him grief is all over me I am so lonely without him

My name is David and my husband was Peter

David I am so sorry and totally understand how you feel I really do other people say they know but they really really don’t know the pain emptiness heartbreak and despair at loosing the love of your life keep I don’t know what to say I’m afraid :broken_heart: my life my wonderfull happy life is over we must hold onto the love we both gad rake care xx

I am so sorry for your loss there is no pain in the world like this I never realised that grief is a physical pain I wake up most nights with a terrible pain in my heart it’s unbearable at times I am now 10 months since losing my husband the loss is unbearable x