Tears every day

I Lost my darling Granddaughter A yr ago on 15 Aug 2017 Every day I cry for Isabel And talk to her photo as It helps to feel shes still with me

Hi, I’m so sorry for the loss of your grandaughter… our grandchildren are like our own children… not only are you grieving for your grandaughter but also trying to support the parents too… everyday is just a day to get through without them… and trying to cope with life…
Sending hugs to you and your family xx

Thank you for talking to me It means a lot x

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You can chat to me anytime you need to… sometimes it just helps knowing there’s someone there who knows your pain… xx

I Am struggling today my daughter has such sadness in her eyes My relationship with her has changed I dont know how to help I cry when alone but but on a silly smile when with her As she doesnt want any extra sadness in her life

Ahhh, it’s hard as a mother… we try and support our daughter’s but inside were crumbling just like they are, but don’t try to hide your sadness… sit down with each other, cry together hug each other… It’s too hard to keep it all in and together you share that pain, you don’t have to hide your feelings to be strong for your daughter…The strength is sharing each other’s pain and being able to show that to each other… Your daughter needs you, yes but by showing it’s okay to cry and grieve especially together will help you both cope…
I used to hide from my daughter when I cried and she couldn’t understand why… after years now we talk and cry together which I wish I would have done at the beginning… hugs…Xxx

My daughter says she feels she has let everyone down and cant cope with others sadness as she already feels sad her self and cant deal with others sadness Its a year on Wednesday we lost Isabel Its still so raw and I feel so sad xx

She hasn’t let anyone down, grief is so painful we tend to shy away from everyone else, like she says she can’t cope with anyone else’s troubles, or worry about anyone else because it is too much to cope with her grief never mind anyone else’s… it just tips you over the edge… she is a mom who has lost the most precious thing in her life… that is more than enough to cope with… I found it helped a little to meet other bereaved mom’s because they also shared the pain. … has your daughter talked to anyone…
Anniversary days are the worst, we don’t know what to do on that day, and often the tears and anger can come before and days after… I find I just feel numb…xx

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Thank you I couldnt read the entire message x

My daughter has spoken with another mum whos baby died 1 week before Isabel She had councilling But she or her partner said they felt it never helped them I Have another Daughter with Two children and My daughter finds it very difficult to see her sister now which again is painful as they were very close to each other x

I have 3 daughter’s, my 2 daughter’s were hit by a speeding driver 6 years ago . My eldest daughter Sarah was killed and my other pregnant daughter Claire was injured… my youngest daughter Hannah and Claire were very close before… They drifted apart after Sarah was killed… years later I asked Claire why she had drifted away from Hannah… “She said mom there were always 3 of us and we found it hard to be together because they were only 2 now”
Your other daughter probably feels guilty having her children when her sister has lost Isabel…And doesn’t want to upset her sister thinking her children are a reminder…
None of us know how to react to others in grief… We all grieve in different ways to cope… It can often split families up because it’s easier to isolate yourself and grieve in your own way…

Thank you for sharing your pain with me I Do hate cliche’s I know how you feel…But I feel We understand each others pain xx

I’ve had that said to me many a time as well, I often feel like saying to them you can never know how I feel or anyone else unless you’ve lost a loved one so precious to you.
I do think we understand each other’s pain, and sometimes it can truly help when your heart is so broken… xx

It is unbelievable how our lives have changed since tradgedy has found our families x

I totally agree, I know it’s an unusual saying, but our jigsaw will permanently have a piece missing, and never be complete again… that’s the only way I can describe it… A loss that will always be with us, i was told by my counsellor who lost a child that somewhere we have to find a place in our life to keep the pain and grief but somehow learn to keep it close and have to learn to live around it… But it will always be with us… Xx

Isabel was 6 days old I try to find inner comfort that she only ever felt love in her life love from the moment she was conceived with love and she was held in her mummy and daddies loving arms when she left us,so many emotions I dont think it gets easier with time its so difficult some days every day Isabel in in my heart xx

Whoever said it gets easier with time, certainly didn’t lose a child, and for those precious 6 days she would have had the love of a lifetime…
I never was spiritual but since Sarah was killed I have had some very unusual things happen with no explanation orher than Sarah came to visit…
We get up each day because we have too, and each day is so painfull without them… It doesn’t get easier, we just learn how to cope with the pain… xx

You are so right I Wasnt spiritual religous or any thing now I feel I cling to hope x

And I think hope is what keeps us going sometimes… xx

My 17 yr old son died this day 3 years ago. Anniversaries like that shouldn’t be any harder to handle than other days but they are . I’m pretty restless most of the time as it is and need constant distraction to stop my mind from wandering . I’m glad I’m going to work today. That should help a bit . We’ll never forget them and they’ll always be with us. That’s what we need to retain in our heads , not when they went.