Tears fall. Hold my hand mum, one moment just one more

My, our mother passed away on the 6th of January this year. No body truly expects a parent to die even though we know it will happen. People come and People go and yet we still look upon our parents as invisible. We are all people at the end of the day. So why should I have the right to feel this bad, I suppose it’s because I won’t feel the warmth of the hand nor know the gentle kiss that led me to the next moment, day, year.
I will make the same plee every child makes as my heart as theirs is broken.
I want my mum back.


I know how you feel. I lost my dad 3 weeks ago. I lost mum in Nov 23. I just want a hug from dad to tell me it will be okay. He was always optimistic and encouraging. His hugs were the best. I’ll never have that unconditional love again.

It’s miserable. Miss them so much.

You’re not alone. Keep posting here as the community is supportive. Sending a virtual hug.

Thank you so much, sorry for your loss. My mum always knew girls would break my heart and she was right. This heart she gave me still beats and isn’t broken by a girl I love. Its shattered and I find myself in tears trying to find the strength to pick up the shard’s but thank you for taking a moment of your time to give solice and understanding. Bless you

Sorry for your loss. I understand completely how you feel. Mum mum died suddenly on new year’s day. Although 83 she lived independently and I’d only seen her three hours before. Although it was her wish to die in her own home and no suffering like my dad five years back (he had cancer) it’s so hard to process one minute she’s there making me a cuppa then next she’s on the couch and passed away. They told me to do CPR which was also traumatic! I’m trying so hard to think about what my mum would be telling me now and to continue to make her proud. I’m trying to find strength as she was such as strong woman and trying not to just focus on that last interaction with her but think about her laugh, smile, and the quality of life she had right up until the end. Sending love to all :heart:

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Well said, @Beeboopook3331. After losing my mum unexpectedly in September, my heart has broken and I know it’ll never repair. I yearn to hold her hand again, hug her, smell her mum scent to feel safe and comforted by her love and warmth. I was not ready to lose her, and she wasn’t ready to go. I’m sorry you feel the same :broken_heart: