Tears just keep coming

I’m going through a very bad time at the moment cany stop crying, it will be 7 months next monday I lost my husband and I miss him so very much, thought I was coping only crying when on my own putting on a brave face when around family but broke down in car with my sister on monday think it’s because roger used to take me round hers to have my hair cut now she comes to pick me up, and broke down again when my daughter brought my granddaughter round for me to babysit while she goes to work feel so guilty as upset her before she went to work and she’s a nurse who does house calls so she drives alot,
I was crying getting my granddaughter off to sleep thinking what roger missing out on and it really hurts when I cry my chest hurts and my stomach aches,
Part of it is I kept thinking after Christmas it might start to get easier but if hasn’t it’s got so much worse I really miss him so much I just cant bear it here without him all his stuff is still around I haven’t touched anything and it hurts so much seeing it but I just cant get rid of it as with his car in the drive hasn’t been started up since my son moved it there off the road the day he died,
Life is do cruel take care everyone xxx

hi Linda
wish I could give you a solution to this terrible thing called grief.
im on my own in my little world,with no one to keep strong for,
so I cry when ever the urge comes which is often,as like you I lost my soulmate .nothing anyone say really make any difference.
although saying that.Daniel whose 16 sadly he as learning difficulties,but a few times when ive taken him out for something to eat to give his mum and dad a bit of a break and get me out once in a while,he said Jayne is looking down on you and always will be.it brought tears to my eyes knowing that a child can say something so innocently which gave me a little comfort .hopefully spending a little time with your grand daughter
will lift your spirits a little.me im just living like Jayne is with me I tell her 100s of times a day that I love her and miss her and hopefully one day will be reunited with her.cant say doing that would help every one infact it may only be me it helps.but hopefully ,you will find a way to at least cope.sorry Linda im of no real help just hope some body can give you the answers to make you feel a little better.
regards ian


… it is coming up to nine months now for me, and not one day has gone without me crying…


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I feel the same as Ian and Jackie, Linda.
If only there was an antidote to grief, sadly we have to go through it, there is no going around it, over or under it. The only way is through it. x x

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Hi all … nine months for me, still cry every day a d things trigger me off a lot. To the outside world I am mostly happy a d cheerful … but I do that so I don’t make others miserable! It’s not easy at all. I hope things get slowly better for us all. Love Sue x