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I’m just over four months into this nightmare and not feeling any better a day has not passed where I’ve not broken down crying everything reminds me of my wife I can’t play the car radio as every song played has something that brings back some memory also I’ve just been down to the place where she sat on a bench and threw the ball for our dog it’s the first time I’ve been here since she passed away I sat there on my own crying my eyes out

Hi john david I know how you feel everything you do reminds you of the love one you have lost.

Hi John david

I too know exactly how you feel. It’s four months for me too. Recently I have found myself being overcome with a deep sadness whenever I have visited somewhere I used to go with my husband. I think it will be even worse in the Summer because we always used to go to the parks together. So many memories - a whole lifetime together. No wonder the tears are flowing. Just wanted you to know you are not the only one and I feel your pain.


4 months is a short time-mine was 18 months ago and I still cry every day and talk to his photo my life hasn’t moved on whatsoever- its very hard isnt it but I hope your life does get easier for you

Thanks for your reply that hasn’t given me much hope ,i hope things get better for you soon it is not a good life we lead is it but I suppose we have just got to make the best of a lousy situation

It is different for every person no two people are the same I dont have any family!!!
My friend lost her mother a few months back and was upset but she already is getting stronger and going places and doing things. another friend lost her husband after 43 years of marriage and she doesnt cry at all she didnt cry at his funeral but what she does behind closed door may be different. We are ALL different. I Hope things get better for you

Hi John I’m just over 4 years down this long hard road and I still cry, think I have cried most days since my darling husband died. I read the other day the pain doesn’t really get any easier time just softens the sharp edges, how true that is. The 2nd March is my husbands birthday, our 13 wedding anniversary (2nd marriage for both of us) and 25 years since we met, all on the same day. I’m going down to Brighton his home town to scatter some of his ashes. Be kind to yourself 4 months is a very short time I hope you have family and friends to help you through but I found people give you a few weeks and then expect you to be back to normal or feeling better, it doesn’t work like that. Keep coming back here I have found it more helpful than talking to friends and having counselling. We are all in a boat that no one wants to be in = Big hugs Marilyn