Hello Everyone

Can anyone tell me how to cope.

I am tomorrow going to my first Breakfast club since before Christmas as Brian was to ill to leave.

I am dreading everyone giving me sympathy, I am sure I am going to dissolve into tears.

Any thoughts on how I can and try and cope?

Love to you all


Hi, oh I so feel for you, brave face and don’t worry about crying because when it comes to it you will be fine. You have thought it through and that will help. I felt just the same but it was with the family of my daughter-in-law and I was told once you had gone through all the different stages then the one right for you would appear, well I did cry but they just accepted it and moved on, so really no big deal, funny really because I have such a difficult time telling them that I am happy here not in Greece!
Yes, that’s another story but take tissues and stop worrying, that is such a waste of your energy which right now will be in short supply. Don’t worry about what others think, it’s about you not them, you are the one grieving because you lost the one person in your life that meant everything. It’s all about ‘you’ yes I do mean that.
So go open hearted, when you get home that’s different.
I will be thinking of you and sending you my love.
Blessings S

Hi June

It is a big hurdle returning to places and meeting people again after such a sad time. However the anticipation is probably worse than the actual event. The first time is always worse, returning to a favourite place or going to a club, returning to work, etc. A breakfast club sounds lovely to me, chance to see people again in an informal setting. No one will mind if you get a bit weepy and if they do tough luck.

You are probably there now so I hope it is good and you have a nice breakfast.


Another hurdle crossed today
Fine at the club but very weepy now
Group talking of going out for meals with partners something I no longer have
Is it ever going to get any easier

Thanks for the support
Luv June