I’m having a teary day today. I read my husband’s order of service and it all came flooding back. How much I miss him, even his grumpy self. Just typing this is making me cry. I’ve chatted with him and asked his advice. I miss his cuddles, kisses and everything about him. I’m going to go through some photos this afternoon. I need to tidy them away. Is 5his OK. I’m lonely without him. I have joined some groups via the u3a, but I’m new to them so it’s difficult at the moment. Cheers for listening. Just needed to off load. How selfish is that


Camilla 58
No you are not selfish, just some one in pain like all of us and need to offload our awful sadness. Like you I have joined U3A and I participate in several groups. It helps while at the meetings but the pain is still there when I return to an empty house, it is just as bad as ever. It’s nearly two years without my love but that’s no time after 57 years together. I wouldn’t have survived without my children and grandchildren and now even great grandchildren. Love to each and everyone of us
Here who are suffering so much.

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