Technical problems

Hi sorry. My messages are cutting of at the end. It’s worse than it was. I can’t see the end of my sentences. CN anyone help please

Hi @Jooles45

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing problems with the site.

I’ve flagged this with our site technical staff who will hopefully be able to sort it out.

Best wishes

Online Community team

Thank you.

Hi @Jooles45 and @Lonely thank you both for reporting these issues. Would you be able to take any screenshots of what is happening and let me know the devices you’re using to access the community? If you can send an email to me at, I can investigate this further - thank you!

Hi yes no problem. As you can see from this screen I can’t see the sentence. If I reduce the screen it sometimes helps. But sometimes it just pings back.

Thanks for sending this through @Jooles45 - this is really helpful. Can you let me know what web browser you are using? It looks like you might be using Safari. Are you able to try using Chrome to see if you experience the same issue?

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