Ten Weeks

Forty five minutes ago my youngest granddaughter landed at Heathrow. Pretty soon now she’ll be in a taxi heading for her big brother’s place in London.
We’ve been exchanging the usual sort of WhatsApp’s.

Exactly ten weeks ago she arrived at this time and was exchanging them with her happy and beloved Nanny. By late afternoon I was having to tell Lucy that Nanny had died.

Edwin, the memories of exactly where we were in time before our loves died can be really brutal, can’t they? It can seem almost unblelievable…

Dear Edwin, I am so sorry for the loss of your dear wife. It sounds very sudden and I’m sure you are still in shock. It will be a year on Thursday since my husband died, and there have been so many dates I have thought ~ this time last year William was sharing it with us and now he’s not here.

I hope you will get to spend some quality time with Lucy, as I’m sure she is missing her Nanny so very much. Its hard for everyone when someone you love passes.

I just wanted to say I think I know what you are going through and to send you very best wishes.