Terminal illness prognosis

My first meeting with this this was in 1962 when I was told my mum had been given 5 years to live with colon cancer (she died in 2017!)
Then there was my grandad with age onset leukaemia - he was given a year at most, I was older this time and prepared for watching him pass away 2 months later. In 1996 my father was given up to 2 years with lung cancer which had metastasised into his brain - 5 months later he died. In 2000 my uncle and cousin were both diagnosed with prostrate cancer. In 2003 my husband was diagnosed with prostrate cancer- he was told that with injections he would live out his life - even though it had already metastasised into his bones. 8 months later he died. My cousin died in 2007 of a chest condition. My uncle died in 2009 when the cancer had spread to his stomach. Both had not been given terminal prognosis. I supported my grandmother and mum in their widowhood until they passed away. My PTSD hasn’t help the situation I find myself in now

Dear Jean693,
So many losses, it is not surprising that you are finding yourself struggling. You mention PTSD, does this mean you have sought help, been diagnosed and are receiving support at the moment or was that in the past? Do you have any family members left who you are close to, or are you completely on your own? What are you finding the most difficult at the moment?
It is good that you have come to this site where everyone knows what it is like to lose loved ones. I hope that you find some comfort in reading other people’s post and responses.

I have had some help for the PTSD but it also includes combat stress. A lot of the bereavement and PTSD episodes are overlapping and unfortunately with Trauma therapy they will only treat one trauma at a time! I have tried to keep a lid on everything but I’m becoming unglued at the moment.