I just tested my friend to see if she would provide some help. She is my best friend.

I have to have surgery in couple of weeks. She knows im mot feeling well
And need to have surgery

I told her in my text i wasn’t feeling well today amd i feel weak. I told her in the text that i will need people to help me clean out the house after i have recovered from surgery.

She knows i live alone and i could use the help even now.

She responded that i should focus on the surgery and rest.

What do you think of this? She is my best friend

I forgot to sdd that she is retired

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I think she is just saying just to concentrate on your surgery and rest. She most probably should of added don’t worry about the house work as I am there for you. She may well add that after you had your op as most probably don’t want your stressing about the house work xx

Sometimes a text can be interpreted in the wrong way, however so called best friends are not always best friends in the end so I have found out. I lost my son in March to an accidental drugs overdose, my so called best friend was kind and supportive however the last few months she has turned into a hypochondriac, all about her, she never asks how I am or even how the inquest went, I have not seen her for 3 weeks and feel better for it. The last time I saw her her words were oh my kids are doing my head in, they are adults in their 30s. The words hurt me so much, I know she obviously didn’t think what she was saying. I have changed so much and not prepared to put up with her at the moment, if it ruins our friendship so be it. Her loss not mine. Sorry probably no help at all🤷‍♀️

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