"Text Shout" texting service.

I don’t know how new this service is but it’s a UK text service 24/7, for anyone feeling overwhelmed or distressed and struggling with various circumstances in life. Their aim is to bring people “from crisis to calm” It’s staffed by volunteers and all the details can be found on their website. I’m assuming it’s similar to the Samaritans but it’s another avenue of support available should we feel we need it. Sometimes it helps to know there’s someone we can share with when we feel alone or unable to share with friends/family. Take care all.

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not sure texting will help most,be better if there was a phone service as talking about my partner even to strangers helps me a little.at times with friends who text as oppose to talk annoys me some what.but thats probably just me.

Thank you Tina any help is better than none. I phoned Silversurfers yesterday to be asked if I didn’t have the number of a bereavement helpline as they were actually befrienders and not trained in bereavement. I was crying my eyes out and she offered to discuss the weather in Blackpool as a topic! I hung up rather quickly as I was desperate to speak to someone but felt I was put in my place as to what she was willing to do. Anyway thanksagain and sorry for the rant K xx

Hi Katie. There is a telephone support line called the Bereavement Trust and you can call the helpline number 0800 435 455 every night between 6pm and 10pm. I hope this helps. Take care x

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