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I wake and panic. I have no routine that gives me human connection first thing. I cared for my husband for 8 years and every morning I’d check on him as soon as I woke. I don’t think it is grief anymore.I think it is an underlying sadness and fear. Are there are early morning wakers who would be willing to text me to just say good morning ? 6.00am ish uk time.


Hi smile im awake early . I know what you mean i wake every day with fear of whats the day will bring will i see anyone today to talk to. You can only have a one sided chat to dogs. Hope you have a good day x


Morning to you,

Unfortunately fear & sadness are part of grief, I found once I established a new routine & adapted to it I found I felt better

Your still in the early days so what your experiencing is perfectly normal, I wonder if it might help to go out early to say get a newspaper?

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Hi @Smile,

Mornings can be so hard. We have a text support service called Grief Coach which you may be interested in. Grief Coach sends personalised support via SMS. You can find out more here:

I am generally awake at 5 a.m these days. I need to be up and about by 07:30 as that is when my carers arrive to make sure I am safe in the shower. I’ll try and remember to log in and say hi. Xx. Sandra

Good morning. Start of another day. Let’s just hope it is a relatively good one. Didn’t sleep again. Did something to my knee and hip yesterday. Survived in pain killers. Will try and doze later on. Friend coming today so at least I will have company.

@Smile . If you want you could private message me your number and I will send you a text each morning when I get up.

Good morning Sandra. Sorry you had a bad night and have a problem with your knee and hip … do you think it was the exercises? Hope it soon gets better xx

No it wasn’t the exercise. The couple of days they seemed to be helping. My neighbour brings my bins back from the kerb and puts it by the back door. My back door opens out. She has accidentally placed it so I can’t fully open the door. I had to twist funny to get through the door to put some rubbish out and I think that it what did it. Gradually loosening up. Going to carry on with my exercises as they are making my hip more mobile. Got company this morning as friend is coming to clean. Feel better now I have had breakfast and cup of coffee. Found something my husband didn’t bulk order. Compost bags for kitchen caddy. Went to get another one and we haven’t got any more. Hope you have a good day. Xx

That’s good it wasn’t the exercising causing the problem and it’s helping your hip. Enjoy your friend’s company this morning. I’ve nothing planned so must catch-up with some housework. xx

This service has been vital for me and highly recommend it, the texts have been very welcome when I’m in work having a bad day, the tips and evidence based support seemed to sum up how I was feeling. Thank you Sue Ryder!

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