Thank you, Community Mentors!

From today until next Thursday it’s Volunteer’s Week across the country – a week dedicated to recognising and celebrating the remarkable contribution of volunteers.

Some of you will have come across our Community Mentors on this site who, since March this year, have been listening, supporting and offering advice to anyone who needs it.

On behalf of the whole team at Sue Ryder, I would like to say a huge thank you to all of our Mentors for helping us to make this community a caring and supportive space for anyone coping with bereavement or the end of life.

Thank you, Susie123, Lonely, Mel, amelie’sgran, Trudy, Sam’s mum, and Walkling!

If anyone would like to join me in thanking our Mentors, feel free to add a reply to this post.

Hi Mentors!
Thank you all for posting and helping each of us with your own stories and for us to understand a bit more about our own journey.
Your thoughts are very supportive and much appreciated.
Much love to you all.


I would like to thank the other Mentors. The support received from them, Eleanor and Priscilla has been immensely helpful. We have all come here with different experiences but one common theme, loss, and they have helped me so much. Knowing there are other people who can step in if I am some days too sad to post or even read comments is so helpful.

My love to them and everyone else out there on this forum

I would like to Thank all the Mentors and all the members on this site in particular the The Lost Child section that as helped and still is helping to bring back some form of sanity into my life after losing my Son last December …Thank You…Marina xx

Thanks to everyone in the community for helping one another and to both Eleanor and Priscilla, I feel that it is a privilege to help on this site.
Blessing to everyone.

Hi all.

I would like to also thank you all for all the help and support you have given me. Your kind words mean so much to me when I have been at my lowest. So thank you and I really do appreciate all the help and replies. Thanks so much. Take care all. X

So today marks the end of Volunteer’s Week! Thank you to everyone who contributed to this thread - it’s been really lovely to hear how our Community Mentors have made such a difference.

We’ll be looking to expand our team of mentors over the summer so if that’s something you’re interested in watch out for announcements or get in touch to let me know!

Take care everyone and thanks again,

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