Thank you for your love and support

Dear lovely people. Thanks for zll your messages prior to christmas . I had a good time on christmas day, at my best friends sons home
This year i didnt feel sad or out of place i felt that my wife was watching and telling me to be happy and to stop feeling sad.

It didn’t bother me that because i was driving . I couldn’t have a drink , except a small glass of white wine for the toast.

I kept thinking happy thoughts and smiled and laughed a lot
I also thought the with move in my heart about everyone who is struggling like i used to do, because of them losing their loved ones and aching, hurting physically and emotionally . To everybody who has contacted me on this site or privately. I want to say a massive thank you and hope that as?time passes and things move forwards into your new life, whether it be alone , or with someone new

Who has been sent by your guardian angel. Please try to be happy a tiny bit at a time

Please dont feel guilty for smiling or laughing when you recall lovely things you used to share

Thanks for reading my novel .
I am here to support anyone who needs compassionate help either on this site, or privately
Sending hugs and virtual kisses
Mr chipps xx


Dear Mr Chipps

Thank you for sharing a lovely encouraging post. I am sure members here will benefit from your support and kind words.

Take care.


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Hi Keith
Nice to hear from you again and thankyou for sending out a positive post. There are many on the forum who need to know that there is the possibility of a light at the end of the tunnel.
Good luck

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Thanks Pepsi.
Every word is the truth
I just wanted to show my gratitude and tell caring people that i appreciate people who may have a similar bereavement situation. That their love, kindness and kind words make other people like me happier . Bless everybody who has taken time to think about me and others love and hugs . Mr chipps xx


Hi Pat
thanks for your kind words. Thankfully after a great many years , i am able to be happy and positive
Best wishes. Hugs and virtual kisses mr chipps xx

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Hi Pat
Thanks for your nice words to me. I am sure that there will be many people who feel like I used to do.
When i was very down and my life felt empty and things seemed to always be negative??
But now my life is slightly better and i am reaching a place, where my thoughts and emotions are becoming happier and more positive . I send peaceful thoughts of hope and beauty to everyone i am happy to chat with anyone just message me on here or privately.
Keith the singing poet xx

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