Thank you my love

My Chris - Thank you for the years of love we shared. I miss you so much.

29 years ago, 23 June 1994 is a date I will cherish forever. The day we became a couple, Chris & Rach. I have always felt incredibly lucky to have met you and to have felt your love.

It was meant to be, life had meant for our paths to cross.

You helped me to grow, from that person with no confidence to a woman who had self-belief because you believed in me wholeheartedly, and you held my hand every time I had a wobble, and you kept telling me I could, and because of that I achieved so much with you by my side.

I know I helped you too - I was the support you needed, someone at your side through life, my hand always firmly in yours, supporting and encouraging each other. Taking on the world together, one step at a time. We were quite a force to be reckoned with, weren’t we?

The woman I am today is a result of the unconditional love you surrounded me with, and I’ll never be able to thank you enough. You changed me for the better, without a doubt.

You always said that I brought calmness and tranquility to your life. We balanced each other so perfectly.

From that day to this I always thought you were mighty fine. Such a wonderful human being, a man with honour and integrity, and who would do anything for his friends. Anyone who knew you was truly blessed to have you in their life.

We had a truly wonderful life together. A partnership full of warmth, humour, support, love and laughter. We completed each other and dedicated our lives to one another - always wanting nothing but happiness.

I miss being loved by you and loving you in return. I miss you, I miss us.

My darling Chris. Thank you for being mine, my truly amazing husband, my one true love, my greatest friend, my person.

You will forever be with me, the handprint on my heart until the moment my heart ceases to beat.

Yours, forever. Your Rach xxx


How absolutely beautiful .
Happy anniversary. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:
Virtual hugs :hugs::hugs:


Thank you :people_hugging:

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@LonelyPanda Such a wonderful tribute to your lovely man, in all that you shared. Happy Anniversary, we are so lucky to have experienced such love which will help us through all this xx


Thank you. The only thing that keeps me going is knowing how lucky I am to have shared 28 years of love and laughter with my Chris.

I am honouring the love we had by trying my best to keep pushing on, day by day. :people_hugging:


What beautiful words…happy anniversary xx and lots of love


Such beautiful words
What a lovely way to honour your husband on your Anniversary x

I feel that you, like me, are truly blessed to know such wonderful love. Sending caring thoughts x


I recently had our 47th wedding anniversary. We married young. Those words could be from me to my lovely Pete too. Thank you.


Thank you :people_hugging:

I think your words speak for so many of us and how we feel about our lovely husbands ! You put it beautifully xx


Thank you. I feel so heartbroken without my Chris by my side. Hugs to you :people_hugging:


I know u will :frowning: how long is it for u since you lost him ? Xx

He died 10 October last year, only 25 days after being diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. I’m doing my best to keep going as it’s the only way to honour the life and love we shared, but it’s brutally hard some days especially when I feel all alone.

Thank you for your message. I appreciate all those who reach out on this site x


Aw thats very quick ! I had 6 weeks after my husbands terminal diagnosis but its very heartbreaking isnt it ? We miss them so much dont we ? Life is so fragile and we just dont realise it do we ? But i think as my brother said … its hard for those left behind ! I miss my husband everyday as we were always together :frowning: for 35 years ! So i get you . God bless xxxx