Thank you to this forum

I joined this forum a month after Jack died
I have used it a lot - I have complained, creed, I have shown my self vulnerable , sad,lost - is so good to open up
I have listen to others! It is good to know that other people understand me, it is good to learn from others
But above else it is good the human contact -
And now I am saying thank you for the amount of laughter I had in a previous topic - girls - thank you for making laugh!!
We don’t know each other but we can cry and laugh together !!
By the way you can make any comments you want
Sadie xxx


My hubby passed away 1 year ago. Still I’m cross, have panic attacks. My children haven’t really opened up about his passing properly. They probably don’t want to upset me. They both live with me and my 20 yr old son had taken on the role of man of house.
He is so much like his dad.
It gets very lonely and I hate having to make decisions on my own. My hubby always made everything seem easy and worthwhile


You are spot on Sadie :+1: I feel the same I am so glad I found this forum and met all you amazingly strong people who have helped me on a daily basis. This is my go to place when I am having a bad day, hearing others stories make me count my blessings and there is always someone willing to listen to you and offer words of wisdom and support. Yes it is good to let off steam and also laugh when we need to. I am glad you have started a thread where we won’t be chastised for going off piste :rofl: I will make full use of it.
V xx


Hi Kim - here we understand how you feel.
Jack died 15 months ago and as I got home this evening I forgot he wasn’t here and I was expecting seeing him…
I am sure your kids are really missing their dad but your loss I think is much greater!
My kids do miss their dad but their life goes on - I lost half of me - I feel I died when Jack died!!
It is a long journey and I am afraid we have to do it alone
Sadie x