That empty pillow

Words can’t describe that empty bed and pillow every night and day. I’ve left her side as it was when she went into hospital. Can’t move anything and hold her pillow every night and morning. The 7 days she was in hospital was the longest we had been apart in 23 years. I’ve got to change bedding but I don’t want to remove were she had been. Got service (can’t say actual word) in 2 days.

Hi. JayandAllison. It’s OK. You do what you want to do and I hope it gives just a little comfort. None of us need ever worry about what we do and how we grieve. That’s up to us and no one else. There are no rules or methods. I do know about the longest days at the end. Time drags and although we want to be there all the time it’s often not possible, especially nowadays.
I do hope the service goes well. You can pay your respects in the firm knowledge that your wife as not gone anywhere. Just into another room the key to which you will eventually find. Take care.
One day at a time. This has become mantra on here but it’s so true.


Jay, Johnathan as said it all and I love the idea of eventually being given the key and our soulmate will be there. It’s really silly the things we hold onto and it hurts to touch them but we do. Take care, this thing called grief is hard. Bless you. S

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