That night (Poem)

That night :crescent_moon:

That night is always on my mind, the night you were taken right before my eyes.

I wish I could have done more I hope you know how much I love you and didn’t want to let you go.

the gasps you took to cling to life, the begging for help and tears in your eyes. the panic rushing through me trying to keep it together for you but killing me inside.

I know you were scared mum I know that’s true but now your at rest no more pain to go through. I miss you so much it truly breaks my heart but I’m relieved your in peace now and will always be in our hearts :two_hearts:


I loved it bc it’s so precise to what I went through!


Thank you Elen, I’m sorry you had to go through this :cry: stay strong x

Beautiful poem.
I felt the same sitting with my darling Mum watching her take
Take her last breath.

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It was the hardest thing I have done to watch my mam take her last breaths and the tear rolling down her cheek, she wasn’t ready to go and I didn’t want her to go either. It stays with me every day and it’s hard to remember the good times. Thank you for the poem to remind me she is now in peace. :broken_heart:


Thank you @Ann143 and @Marie11 for your comments I’m sorry you both had to go through the same situation. I hope your both okay, stay strong xx


Beautiful :cry::broken_heart::rose::sparkling_heart::pray: xx

And Me :cry::broken_heart::rose::sparkling_heart::pray: xx

Every Minute Of The Day I See The Same Thing, Could I Have Done More For My Beutifull Lucy,I’m Haunted,I Can’t Get Through It :cry::broken_heart::rose::sparkling_heart::pray: xx xx

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Just take each second, minute, hour etc at a time and keep talking x