That song

This weekend I thought I was doing well. Was decorating the new house with my boyfriend. Everything seemed like it was meant to be. Happy. Full of joy. But then that one song came on. The one that was played at my brother’s funeral and I just shut down completely. I haven’t cried like that since the day I lost him. It just brought it all back. Now since Saturday I just haven’t felt right. Little panics have come back and struggling to sleep again


Hi, i really understand how your feeling, i was doing so well cooking and cleaning even managed to get out and walk for a bit, then “come on eileen” came on my playlist on you tube last week and that was my nans name. i completely love my music but one song is all it takes to bring the memories flooding back. sending hugs.

Chelle xx

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I completely relate to this. There is 1 song that will make me cry. I dont listen to it anymore . However thr other day it came on on the radio and i couldnt stop the tears. Hope you are doing ok, sorry for your loss x

Morning, thanks for your message, yes it was the same for me a few days ago. i cried all day and had such a headache i fell asleep crying. im so sorry for your loss too, always here if you want to chat

love Chelle x