The bad days

Just woundered how other cope in the bad days that all they want is their loved one?

Today is one of my bad days, all i want is my mum but know i cant have her and im working today so ive had to just carry on best i can.

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Nicci, there’s really no answer to your question but everyone on here as them and time does alter that. It’s those days when you just want to stay in bed or go back to bed and forget about life. Keep working because it stops you think of your mum and I do hope you work mates understand. Eat something nice for tea and perhaps an early night, it works for me. I am thinking of you, take care. S xx


Hello NicciC,
It’s four weeks today since my mum passed away and today is a bad day . I desperately want my mum back and I’ve cried several times today already . I try to keep busy but it’s impossible to do that all the time . Such early days and I know I have a long way to go yet , but I’m hoping the pain will ease a little and the anger I feel because she isn’t here . We both have to take care of ourselves and sending you much love xx

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I’m so sorry you’re having a bad day, it’s very hard some days, especially when you have obligations. Have just had a run of them myself, desperate for Mum. I guess when I’m desperate like that I try and think how she would want me to take care of myself which is to not be any hard on myself at all, life’s hard enough. I imagine her with me alot, just sitting with me with a hand on my shoulder or walking around with me. Never imagined I would have thoughts like that, I’m not much of a fantasist before this! But I find it’s the only thing that comforts at all really when all I feel is pain. Sending hugs x

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I’m having a bad day today too, it’s 8 weeks since my hubby passed away, Facebook memories keep coming up from a couple of years ago and that set me off - then to top it all off it’s the anniversary of my dad passing away too, it’s been a few years for him. But yes today is a bad day for me too - thankfully still off work but no motivation to do anything today.

Thinking of you x

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Bad day here as well. My husband’s company sent a lovely book that they have had specially printed with messages from his colleagues to us and photos from work events. Absolutely lovely but I am broken reading it. It just makes me question again how such a good man could have been taken so young. Sending hugs to everyone having a bad day.


Thank you.
Its been 5wks for me. I am the same i want my mum so much. Ive had work to keep me busy today but of course the evening times i find are the hardest, as i will think about it all.
Send you love too.x

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Hope your day wasnt to bad in the end.
I get worried each day when my facebk goes to tell me my memories, i worry its goin to show her name then i cant help looking to see what it brings up that i may have done with her.
Im wondering if my bad day is related to it being my brothers birthday today, its the first event as such since my mum passed. I know its going to also probably get harder in a weeks time aswell as it will be her birthday soon.
Thinkin of you too.