The Ball of Strings

This is an image associated with my grief that I have been aware of for some time and it is good to have finally expressed it through poetry.

The ball of strings began as one,

A thread of single origin.

But rather than unravelling it,

And letting it run free.

I wound and wrapped it tight,

Entangling it upon itself.

Providing safety and solace,

From raw and numbing loss.

Years rolled by,

Further skeins were added.

And it became impossible,

To separate them out.

It was now a knotted ball,

Until with help I gained some tools.

To disentangle and sort the threads,

Arranging them to finally see.

The ball of grief though full of pain,

Had precious gifts at its core.

Memories, love and legacies,

To guide and inspire me forwards.

On my own healing path,

Whilst helping others too.


Thank you for sharing this with us, @TimetoHeal :blue_heart:

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Hello - lovely to hear from you again
Simplicity of words that say such a lot
Love it . Xx

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Thank you, Jenna, for your lovely feedback.

I think that you’ve hit on a key part of my style. I’m not a natural poet but given an image or idea, I can craft something which isn’t overly complicated but has depth to it.