The Day When It All Happened

The day when it all happened my world smashed into tiny bits and pieces
That comforting happiness vanished in seconds
I did not, I could not understand what was happening
I did not want to believe what was happening

The day when it all happened time stopped
The life I am living now is a different one
It has already got blue skies and sunshine on better days
But I know it’s different skies now, and it has at least one more star

And when I travel by plane I feel better, I feel closer to him
I like to think that he is sitting on one of the clouds
Hopefully smiling and with bright eyes
I hope he can feel how much I love and miss him EVERY DAY.


Thank you for sharing this with us, @Alone1 :blue_heart:

“it has at least one more star” …I love this … the night my husband passed away as we parked the car on our return from the hospital it was a clear night and one star seemed to be shining extra brightly. I turned to my daughters and said “Look he’s watching over us already.” Since then I’ve noticed that on clear nights when I let my dog out there’s that one star still watching over me.

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