The death of my wife

I lost my amazing wife 23rd April 2024 she was only 46 we were together for 24 years not just my wife but my best friend we also worked together so it really was a 24 hour relationship.
We were told she had cancer and it had spread 13 days later she passed away in a hospice so it happened so fast.
I still can’t believe she has gone we didn’t even have time to discuss what happens next this part I find very hard as i just hope I’m doing right by her.
I’ve not been back to work yet not sure I will be able to as we met at the work place I miss her incredible she always said she would not want to leave me I now know why my heart actually hearts
I do have family and friends but it’s not the same I feel I would benefit talking to others in the same situation I am having grief counselling and regular doctor appointments.


So sorry you have joined this club nobody wants to be in. Everyone on here understands how you are feeling…use this forum…it’s been my main support for the last 16 months… sending love your way :love_you_gesture:


Try talking therapies. I was not thought depressed enough so keep going at the gym broken hip.


So sorry for your loss, its very recent but I
do know how you feel. I’m13 weeks in and its still pretty raw. Just keep talking on here. We all know and understand each others pain. We’re all on this awful journey together, none of us want to be on it but we’ll help each other if we can.

Hugs to you all
Liz x

I talk to my husband and tell him what I am doing
Keep going, people tell me it will get better.



Sorry for your loss :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Its such an awful time. This group is really supportive and there is always someone here to talk to, so your never alone.

You know your wife better than anyone, I am sure you will be doing right by her. My partner passed away 7 weeks ago on Sunday after 18 years together, we never talked about what happens after we die as we are both young (I’m 37 and he was 47) I just did what I thought was right :hugs:

Be kind to yourself and grieve how you see fit.

Sending hugs x


Thanks for your message it means a lot to be able to talk to people in the same situation xxx

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Yes @Rogersm5
It really does help. This forum has got me through some very dark times.
Just knowing that people care and really understand, because we’re all going through the same pain and suffering. Not knowing which way to turn
I hope you find it helps you too.
Like you I have supportive family and friends, but they don’t really understand the turmoil inside. How could they? How could anyone who hasn’t been through it.

Sending you love and hugs
Liz x


Try not to do anything irreversible. You may regret that later. Otherwise, whatever you do is absolutely right, if its how you feel at the time. There are no rights or wrongs, you grieve your way, nobody else knows how you feel, except perhaps us in this community who are dealing with similar emotions. We will only tell you what worked for us, NOT what you must do or feel. It seems that grief is a long road travelled whose destination is never reached. Good luck

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I’m so sorry you find yourself here on this site and so sorry for the loss of your wife.
It sounds like everything happened so quickly - you will still be trying to process all that happened as well as dealing with all your grief.
Do what you think is right - you knew her best but try not to make any snap decisions. I got some sound advice around not making any big irreversible decisions in the first year and am trying to stick with that.
I haven’t been back to work either and not sure I can for a while ( if ever) as I work in children’s mental health and don’t feel emotionally stable to be a support to others .
Keep checking in here - if it helps it is a great support xxx


Thanks for your message and advice I just feel stuck at the moment every day is like ground hog day when I do get to sleep I wake up and relieve what happened to Angie over and over again x

Omg its so early in this horrible journey off grief…she was so young a d so quick to pass…just take tiny steps. .and let your body take control…dont think about work …just try and take things in

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