The dreaded weekend

This weekend is so hard for me. Two years ago I lost my sister in law in traumatic circumstances, then last year my Grandad passed exactly a year to the same day. It’s my birthday. On Wednesday next week my sister buries her stillborn son.

This week has been awful, I’ve struggled to lift myself out of the fear of this bloody weekend. Now my sister in laws case is all over the news websites and I’m struggling not to spend all day going over it.

99% of the time I can think about all this and I can be sad but manageable. I don’t know how this weekend will ever not terrify me forever.

Would be interested to know how people cope in the days leading up to an anniversary, birthday, Christmas. All the biggies that just remind us of the milestones our lost ones are missing.

Hi Lauramj

So sorry for your losses. This weekend is going to,be hard for you. I have just got through a difficult month, so many significant dates. I was very anxious and fretful at the end of September. I think it was the anticipation of what was coming. I knew I had no choice so just took it a day at a time and surprisingly all of the dates came and went. I got through and it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I hope it’s the same for you. You can’t change what has happened but dealing with it in ‘small chunks’ does help.

Thinking of you and praying you find some peace at this stressful time


Thanks Yvonne, I think you’re right the days do come and go and sometimes the build up is just so much worse. Today has actually been a really good day and knowing there are other people who are feeling the same is a small comfort. Laura

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