The emptiness is unbelievable

Lost my mum and best friend 12 days ago. Final stages of clearing her estate. Emotionally drained. It’s starting to kick in. Trying hard to keep busy to stop racing thoughts. Hoping handing her house keys over on Monday will be a turning point. X

Hello Stewy. I am so sorry you’ve lost your mum. It sounds like you were very close. Mum’s are so special, aren’t they? Clearing the house is a really tough thing to do. I remember it well after my mum died. I remember standing in the empty bungalow after we’d emptied it and just thinking. It was like she’d never even been there. I hope you find lots of support on this site. Sometimes just reading other people’s stories can help. Take your time Stewy. Sending love and hugs xx


Hi Stewy so sorry for your loss. I to lost my mum 8 weeks ago now. Had two weeks to empty her flat. It was one of the hardest things I had to do. Really don’t know how I did it think it was auto pilot mode that got me through. But when I handed those keys over it felt another part of me went with them albeit the worry of it went to. I found this forum last night and realised I am not alone in my grieving. Which was a huge relief. Hope you realise this to. Jo x

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