The empty and quiet house !

The emptiness around the house is horrendous for me, especially evenings and weekends… everywhere I look , it is her stuff !!!

Hi jerry
Its the same for me i have all mums stuff everywhere. The house is so quiet. Even when we were in different rooms the knowledge of each other was an unconscious comfort…to this. Its so hard hugsx

Thank you for your support Pam x

Hi Jerry. I am so very sorry for your loss. It’s hard coming home to an empty house, isn’t it? I usually leave a light on and I also have my two small dogs to greet me. The truth is though that my home is my safe haven. It’s where I feel closest to my husband. I like that he’s all around me. There’s little bits of him all over the house. His toothbrush is still in the bathroom, his shower gel on top of the shower, clothes hanging in the wardrobe and photos of him in every room. All of this brings me comfort. I’m now more than two and a half years through my journey of grief and his presence is as strong as ever. In time I think that perhaps you too will find comfort in having your beloved wife’s things around you. I hope so. It’s a hard journey Jerry and I miss my husband every minute of every day. I thought we would grow old together. I used to picture us as an old couple, walking hand in hand, but now that can never be. I will grow old alone. That makes me sad. I’m sad for for the loss of our future together. I’m sad that my husband didn’t get to enjoy his retirement. I’m sad that we can never hold hands again. Oh but how grateful I am to have had him in my life. To have had his love. To still have his love. He is still in my life and will be forever. He will always be my husband and I will always be his wife.
I hope you find support, comfort and understanding in this site Jerry. I know I have. Sending you love and strength. xx


Thank you Kate, for your lovely message.
Your loss really resonated with me, it’s very similar… my beautiful wife was a very young 60…we too thought we had at least another 20 years to spend together.
I have been left to look after two little dogs… one little pug ,only seven and half months old…which is a worry with working ( they really were my wife’s dogs ).
There are still her Christmas gifts in the bedroom…I can still smell her perfume on some of her clothes… the empty heavy feeling is horrendous.

Treasure the smell of her perfume Jerry. When it’s faded from her clothes, spray it from the bottle, like I spray my husband’s deodorant. I breathe it in deeply and there he is once more :heart: