The end of a relationship.

My brother-in-law recently died. My sister who has refused to speak to me for over five years returned the card I sent her, offering our condolences. Should I simply accept that this is the end.


Yes of course I should - the deafening silence speaks volumes.

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Hello,I’m new on here but my sister turned her back on me 10 years a go i only managed to speak to her when my mum was diagnosed with a tumour. She even moved 80 miles away we never even had a row. At my mum’s funeral she never even looked at me. I have tried so many times to offer the olive branch but she’s ignored me and i dont know why? So i get where you are coming from. I think in your situation she may need some more time, she is hurting and maybe the last thing she wants to look at is cards. As long as she knows where you are i would leave things be and see if things works out. Maybe try again in a few months and then if you are still being ignored, i would think she is not interested and leave it alone. Hope this helps ?


There must be a reason in her mind as to why she is so angry with you justified or not In addition she must be very upset about the death of her husband and is not fully in charge of her emotions You need to think about how this estrangement between you was created There must be a cause and remember she is bereaved and have some compassion. Maybe she felt a card was just a small gesture and expected more from you
If she continues to reject your overtures there isn’t much you can do