The Fox.

I was alone, and although the field I was walking across was sunlit and full of wild flowers, I realised I was walking toward a dark wood. The footpath led that way, and as I had no wish to turn back, I went on. It got darker as I walked on, and the only light was through the treetops, but very dim. I began to feel depressed. Perhaps I should not have entered the wood. But now I was in it there was no light behind me or in front. I sat on a log and held my face in my hands. I was lost! Hopelessly lost!
Suddenly I heard a rustle in the undergrowth, and a beautiful fox emerged. His beautiful golden brown colour was visible even in the dim light… We looked at each other for a while then he trotted off into the darkest part of the wood. I felt he knew the way out, so I followed. He looked back at me now and then but trotted slowly on. Then, right in the far distance I saw a chink of light. The faintest chink, but it was there. My hopes began to rise. ‘So there is a way out’, I said to myself. I had thought that I would be in that dark place for ever.
As we approached the light it got larger and then I could see ahead the green grass of a meadow full of wild flowers. The fox walked into the field, looked round and sat down. I felt so much better being out of that dark wood.
I asked the fox his name. He looked at me for a moment and I knew he knew the depth of my previous suffering and fears.
“My name is HOPE”, he said, then scuttled off into the undergrowth. I walked on into the beautiful meadow and thanked God for the fox. I was lighter now and I had hope.

My words.


Lovely words, lovely imagery. I especially like where you say ‘I had thought that I would be in that dark place forever’. That was me, but now I’m back in the daylight - most of the time!

Where I live the best time to see foxes is dawn and dusk. Yours popped its head out mid afternoon and I nearly missed him, so maybe others did too…

Thanks Kathy. My fox comes every evening for his food. He doesn’t ask where it came from or who put it out, but just gets on with it. Perhaps we could learn from him. Do we question too much? Do overthink? It’s so difficult. I know some animals do grieve for their lost partners. I’m so glad you are back in the daylight, well, most of the time. To be able to say that is a big step forward. Kind regards.

That is the most loveliest simile ive ever read. Thank u.

Hi Jonathan, certainly some animals grieve. When our very old donkey died last autumn his close companions were lost for several days, just stood around in disbelief until they came to terms with their new situation. All I could do was give them extra time and lots of cuddles. But maybe that’s what we need too, people who are there for us, no fine words, just time and understanding. Yes, I think we are inclined to overthink - and in doing so often come to the wrong conclusion! We could learn a lot from our animal friends. Blessings, Kathy

Oh Jonathan, thank you for sharing this with us all, yes Hope is what we all need.
I can’t say any more.
Blessings S

Dear Jonathan
From the very beginning I have found your posts uplifting and beautifully composed. I am resurrecting this and this one in particular about a fox in the forest that I read very early in my bereavement as it made a big impression on me and I feel the tone of that post was representative of the calm, peaceful place that I found in my search for some comfort after the devastating sudden unexpected loss of my 60 year old husband. I was bereft and your posts were like a soothing hand. How the forum has changed so much for the worse. This place is no place for accusations and politics. Harmony must return to this place of comfort. So please no lectures or threats for this site should be a refuge not a battleground.
Take care all xx


Hi. Trisha. I am so glad that story resonated with you. I find stories metaphors and symbols can be inspiring. The dark forest we are all in does have an ending. We can sit on the log and be miserable, but when we see ‘the fox’ we must follow although it can be painful. He knows the way out and we need faith and belief in that. Hope is always there, although mostly hidden in the pain. Please don’t give up on the Forum. It will come right again and back to what is was, a helpful and comforting place to be.
Take care, and look after yourself. John.


Johnathan, I can only agree with Trisha, I joined this site two years ago, 5 months after suddenly losing my husband, I too find your posts inspirational, this one about the Fox is as profound as they come.

hope today is an improvement on yesterday and tomorrow is an improvement on today


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Beautiful words/story

Im glad you found hope
And out of the dark
Not nice some days you feel lost dark cloud over you think you be lost in the dark forever. But some days glimmer of hope and you can see the light.

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