The Journey.

Hi. Folks. I was tempted to write this because so many of us have lost our way. The idea that grief is a journey we are all on can bring a little comfort. Christian, John Bunyan’s hero in ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ Began his journey to the ‘Celestial City’ because he lived in the ‘city of destruction’. He had a wife and children but put his Spiritual welfare beyond all else. (His wife Christiana and children followed later in a squeal). Before long he realised this was no easy way to go, and he met many who suggested he turn back
with remarks such as ‘it’s all myth’. ‘No such place exists, go back home, you are wasting your time’. But he kept going along the bumpy potholed Path, with friends to help him on his way. He and his companion decided to come off the Path and walk in a field where it was so much easier. Unfortunately the field belonged to ‘Giant Despair’, who arrested them for trespass and locked them away in his home 'Doubting Castle!
They languished there for a long time, and despair and hopelessness set in One day, when at their wits end, Christian felt in his breast pocket and found a key that opened all the doors in Doubting Castle and they escaped. The key was called Hope! He and his companion pressed on until they arrived at ‘Vanity Fair’. They were abused, ridiculed and set upon because of their beliefs. Christian’s friend was put to death. Symbolic of this world, even in the Middle ages when the book was written. So what’s changed? He did eventually arrive at the ‘Celestial City’. It took a long time with many hardships on the way. He met good people and bad.
This journey is unavoidable if we are to make any progress along the hard, very hard Path. To me, giving up and ‘going home’ is not an option. Because there has to be some meaning to all the pain and suffering we have all been through. Many years ago I had a ‘breakdown’ which was converted into a ‘breakthrough’ with the help of wise counselling. We can ‘breakthrough’ into a different way of thinking. We can learn from the pain and agony if we so wish. It’s not easy! Nothing about this awful business is easy, but with time and perseverance it can be done.
We can get a lot of help and support if we look for it.
Take care all. John.

‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ by John Bunyan. Available at Amazon.
Worth a read. It is in Medieval English, but is understandable if we take our time.


That’s interesting, thanks for that.

You’re correct, hope is so important, that’s why one day when I am better I wish to read Alexander Pope’s poem An Essay on Man, just because the phrase “Hope Springs Eternal” has such powerful meaning to me and probably others here too.

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Thank you @jonathanb_123 for the wonderful reminder of Bunyan’s Christian journey mishap in “Doubting Castle”.
I came across your post because I searched topics for “Christian hope” - I needed to know if anyone else understoood how agonising it is to be a Believer who knows hope even when life is just a quagmire of messiness, pain & challenges.
My Simon unexpectedly, suddenly, went to glory 18 months ago. Yet my heart-brokeness seems worse now than it was for the first year when, by God’s grace, I kept going for both of my teenage children, both sets of parents, and friends who were shocked & saddened.
I wish I could see God’s purposes in all this. But I hold on to God’s promises & truths.
Thank you for being a blessing when I really needed it.
Btw “Christianna” by Bunyan an incredibly hopeful tale!