The Kindness Of People

Over the last 16 months I’ve been surprised and helped by the simple kindness of strangers and acquaintances.
Often family and friends want to help but have upset me by trying to "fix things ". They don’t like it because I don’t " fit " their solutions.
Some of the people who’ve helped me most are-
A generous vicar allowing me to put a memorial stone in a churchyard we love, despite not being parishioners.
A stonemason for his gentle and considerate guidance in choosing a suitable memorial.
2 church wardens so kind and helpful.
A lovely lay reader who listened to me about the service I wanted.
3 acquaintances who’ve gone out of their way to " knock on my door " to make sure I’m okay.
A good friend who has supported me from day one despite having her own serious problems.
Somebody on this forum who is suffering badly himself but always supports me.
An elderly neighbour, who has died suddenly, but has been so kind and caring to me.
A neighbour who has spent time and effort on a much needed job that I couldn’t tackle.
A member of a parish council for his help with a memorial plaque.

Most of these people were strangers to me 16 months ago but they have all been so kind and considerate.
At the worst time of my life they have helped me keep going. THANK YOU!


Now that really is one of the most positive posts I have read. THANK YOU. I too have so many to thank for the help and guidance they have shown.
I am blessed with a lovely neighbour who has been there herself and knows. I live in a community and everyone could not have been more kind and helpful. So was the local Vicar and the church.
You know it seems to me that grief can either bring out the best or the worst. Some get bitter and tend to lash out at those around them, and that’s sad because they become more isolated. I’m not being critical because none of us really knows until it happens. But I do feel we should try not to inflict our pain on others unless we know they are prepared to help.
It’s strange how help can come from the most unexpected places. I go for coffee and breakfast in a local cafe and when the women who run the place heard of my bereavement, they came and sat and talked to me and were and are still so kind.
We don’t often realise, wrapped up as we are in our own pain, that grief doesn’t just happen to us but to so many. People have all had their share of troubles, and not one family has not suffered bereavement at some time.
But you know you always get back what you give. If you give love it will be returned, if you give indifference and uncaring so you will find people of a like nature.
I suggest that because you approach people in a kind way and are a caring person yourself people respond. You must be having written that post.
Thank you again and God Bless you.

From one Jackie to another…yes i too have a list of people to thank once i get myself sorted, i plan on thanking them with a letterbox flower delivery although unlike you mine are not " strangers " as such but some have been from the Age UK who have been a Godsend in helping me individually…although your list is very " special…" what caring and wonderful people you have been blessed to have met…I do belive our Gods angels are working close with Him and are sent to bring these strangers into our lives when we are in need of them…

Jackie…sending a (( hug )) your way…

I would add to the list the kindness of people on this forum. Strangers who through the internet are giving each other much needed support. We don’t know each other in real life yet respond when people pour their hearts out and send messages so no one feels alone.

My person I would thank is the neighbour who when my Mum passed away became a surrogate mother to me. I was encouraged to visit and phone anytime I wanted to and it was meant. I found out recently she is in an abusive relationship so has been having her own troubles. I was unaware of this as I was welcomed with open arms every time I visited.

Yes it takes times like this to find out our true friends and strange as it sounds, we meet with friends we never knew existed…strangers who turn out to be a true friend in our time of need…


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