The list goes on...

I think our Sheila hit it on the nail when she posted to me…" it is only after when we have done everything and there is nothing now to do that we finally grieve."
Yes first there is the looking after, or the getting through the sudden death, next there is the registering of death, next the funeral-cremation arrangement - the notifying of companies- utilities, Insurance, family, the contact and dealings with solicitor, the changing over names for billing purposes…and between this the getting of our new entitlements, out award benefits…the lengthy non stop phone calls, the phone bills that are now extortionately high yet have to be paid otherwise we are threatened with being cut off…Oh the list goes on…then only after all is done and dusted does our grieving process start which could be in a year or twos time…


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I agree with you, Jackie.

Well said Jackie, you are quite right and your list has brought it home just how much we did have to get through and some of us totally alone with no help. I did cope alone but I think it gave me something to get up in the morning for, there was things to be done and dealt with and as my Brian said just before he died “That Pat goes at everything like a bull in a china shop” Then and only then can we think about ourselves and what we are really missing and how ourselves and life will change forever.
Take care Jackie, thinking of you.
Pat xxx

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